National Ice Cream Month Promotion

National Ice Cream Month Promotions

Tips and Ideas

July is National Ice Cream Month and there is no better way to celebrate than with real Wisconsin Ice Cream!  Share your love of ice cream and real dairy frozen treats by promoting with resources from Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.  Get ready with these tips and ideas for a delicious dairy promotion!

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Got a great promotion planned? Request a new National Ice Cream Month promotion kit for your CONSUMER-facing ice cream promotions that have an anticipated reach of at least 100 consumers.

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New social assets and graphics, along with fun illustrations – including coloring pages.

National Ice Cream Month Checklist

Get the Scoop on Wisconsin Ice Cream Key Messages

  • Wisconsin ice cream and frozen custard are fresh, local summer favorites that require less travel, making it a sustainable choice for summer indulgence.   

    • Wisconsin has a history of producing high-quality ice cream and frozen custard thanks to the milk that comes from our state’s nearly 6,000 dairy farmers.  

    • Ice cream sundaes were invented in Two Rivers, Wisconsin in 1881. - 141st anniversary  

  • Buying local Wisconsin ice cream and other dairy is not only a delicious and sustainable choice, but contributes to the vitality and economic health of our communities.  

    • Wisconsin has 37 dairy plants making frozen dairy products and Wisconsinites gobbled up 75.5 million pints in 2021.

    • The week leading up to July 4th is the biggest week for ice cream and frozen novelty sales. Wisconsin ice cream sales that week totaled 1.9 million pints in 2021.

  • Dairy foods, such as local ice cream and frozen custard are accessible, affordable and great tasting.   

    • 85% of American households buy ice cream each year, with each household averaging 10 trips over the course of the year.

    • Total frozen dairy production in 2021 equals 139 scoops of ice cream per person for the year. That’s almost enough for every American to have a 3-scoop Sundae every Sunday the entire year through!

Plan Your Promotion  

  • Team-up with a local ice cream shop to sponsor trivia and an ice cream prize pack. 

  • Engage with your followers on social with a trivia contest and offer up some sweet ice cream gear. 

  • Serve up your favorite flavors at your next community event and encourage your supporters to “wear” their favorite flavor with a temporary tattoo. 

  • Partner with a local store to offer an in-store ice cream party – with handouts, tattoos, stickers and ice cream recipes.  

  • Collaborate with a local library to offer a coloring contest and sponsor a book reading of the accurate agriculture book, Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish.  

  • Get creative and share your love of ice cream with your own unique promotion! 


Share Your Success 

  • Post pictures from your events in the Champions of Dairy Closed Facebook Group 

  • Complete the kit-use survey that will be emailed to you in mid-August 

  • Report your funds use on the Online Dashboard at  

How is DFW promoting National Ice Cream Month? 

To help “scream” our support for ice cream, we are launching a new consumer-facing webpage with recipes, an ice cream quiz and an interactive map of ice cream shops in Wisconsin.  We will be working with Wisconsin media to get local ice cream and dairy farmer stories on TV, in print and online.