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Our Parternerships Are Going Strong

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin partners with dozens of major restaurant chains like Cousins Subs®, McDonalds®, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s to help drive consumption of Wisconsin dairy products. Over the years, these partnerships have exceeded billions of dollars in Wisconsin Cheese sales and made a huge impact on overall Wisconsin Dairy demand!

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Pizza Hut's Grilled Cheese Pizza Moved

30 Million Lbs of Milk

The limited time offer of the Pizza Hut Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza moved an additional 30 million lbs of milk in 6,400 restaurants.

Pizza Hut Gets Cheesy

25% More Cheese on Pan Pizzas

In January 2018, Pizza Hut announced they are adding 25% MORE CHEESE to their iconic pan pizzas.

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Since 2011

Wisconsin Cheese Curd Promotions at A&W Restaurants Have Increased Sales by 69%

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It's not just subs!

Wisconsin Cheese Curds Make Up 18% of Side Orders at Cousin Subs

That's Approximately

700 lbs of Cheese Curds per day!

Cheese Curds

Pizza Chains

Wisconsin Cheese Is Featured In

8 Out of 10 Fastest Growing Pizza Chains in the top 500

Wisconsin Cheese Sold at Culver's

Increased By More Than 9 Million Lbs Since 2011

Culver's Also Uses Over

1 Million Lbs of Wisconsin Butter

That Equals More Than

22 Million Lbs of Milk!

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The Top Three

Wisconsin-Based Sandwich Chains Feature Wisconsin Cheese

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