Dairy Promotion Resources

The Annual Fall Dairy Promotion Conference went virtual on November 10. Important updates to consumer messaging, promotion funding and new resources were shared during this virtual event. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin wants to share all of these updates and resources with you to truly be “Champions of Dairy”. Review the conference materials and join us in a new way to think about dairy promotion.

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Watch Conference Video Segments

Champions of Dairy

All the need-to-know information regarding funding, messaging and resources from Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin in 2021.  Rethink dairy promotion with new key messaging and learn about the new “Promotion Partner” logo to help your community’s dairy farmers see their check-off dollars at work in local promotion.  Presented by Beth Schaefer, Regional Program Manager, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

Covid, Consumers and Dairy

Covid-19 deeply impacted the way that consumers shop and prepare dairy and dairy products.  Dive into the consumer impact and learn what trends might be here to stay with Suzanne Isige, Manager – Market Research, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

Sustainability and Key Messaging for Consumers

Dig into the consumer research that supports “Dairy is Good for My Body, My Community and My Planet” with Kim Koh, Manager- Market Research, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

Online Photo Library Overview

Free photographs and social media images galore from the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin are readily available through the new Online Photo Library.  Explore the library and learn how to use it with Ellie Thomas, Managing Creative Director, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

Power of Promotion FY2020 Year in Review

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has created for our industry, we want to share some key programs and activity highlights on how far we've come and where we're going in 2021.