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Proudly Wisconsin

Look For The Badge

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin partners with a variety of food companies. These alliances not only do they incorporate Wisconsin dairy into their products, they also give us a clear shout-out on their packaging through the use of our logo and badge. 

In addition, over 200 cheese brands now feature the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese logo, and in-store promotions have increased 26 percent over the past year. With continued exposure, sales and demand continue to climb as well.

Spotlight on Dairy - Retail

Mike Edge shares the value and opportunity for Wisconsin Cheese at retail across the country.

U.S. Specialty Cheese Sales

Have Grown 10X Faster

than non-specialty cheese sales in the retail space since 2013.

Look For This Badge in the Dairy, Deli or Freezer section

DFW Partners with Distributors & Retailers to

Promote Wisconsin Cheese and Dairy Products Nationwide

In-Store Promotions of Wisconsin Cheese

Increased 26% Over The Past Year

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