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Proudly Wisconsin

Look For The Badge

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin partners with a variety of cheese and dairy companies and food processors. These partners not only incorporate Wisconsin dairy into their products, they also give us a clear shout-out on their packaging through the use of our badge, making it easier for consumers to identify the quality products produced in Wisconsin. 

In addition, over 200 cheese brands now feature the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese logo, and in-store promotions have increased 26 percent over the past year. With continued exposure, sales and demand continue to climb as well.

Wisconsin Cheese Drives Demand at Retail

Michael Losiniecki shares the value and opportunity for Wisconsin Cheese at retail across the country.

U.S. Specialty Cheese Sales

Have Grown 10X Faster

than non-specialty cheese sales in the retail space since 2013.

Look For This Badge in the Dairy, Deli or Freezer section

DFW Partners with Distributors & Retailers to

Promote Wisconsin Cheese and Dairy Products Nationwide

In-Store Promotions of Wisconsin Cheese

Increased 26% Over The Past Year

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