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The Power of Promotion newsletter shares updates about checkoff activities and showcases the value of the dairy farmer checkoff investment.


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Power of Promotion

On a monthly basis, the Power of Promotion newsletter shares updates about checkoff activities and showcases the value of the dairy farmer checkoff investment.

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Our national PR efforts and how we are driving consumer perceptions and PWC brand identification through broadcast (television) outreach across the U.S. is July's newsletter's focus. We are reaching consumers with recipe inspiration, education about our cheese heritage and commitment to quality, and our cheesemakers that make the most awarded cheese in the world. We live in the age of the ‘foodie’ - cooking shows, celebrity chefs, food magazines, food bloggers - society’s obsession with food is at an all-time high. Utilizing public relations tools through national broadcasting to connect consumers with Wisconsin Cheese and recipes, grows sales and distribution for Wisconsin cheese nationwide. 

July Power of Promotion Newsletter

  • New DFW Board Leadership and New Directors
  • Dairy Business Innovation Alliance Grants
  • Celebrity Endorsements Boost Wisconsin Dairy
The June newsletter focus is on our national retail efforts and how we help drive distribution and sales growth for Wisconsin-made cheese and dairy. These efforts across the country are at the core of our effort to build demand for Wisconsin milk. The Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge is more visible so consumers can easily recognize our cheeses when making purchase decisions.

June Power of Promotion Newsletter

  • Wisconsin Cheese is a Nationwide Brand
  • Private Labels Drive Wisconsin Cheese Sales
  • 2020 Virtual Dairy Experience Forum
Grassroots promotion programs bring pieces of national and in-state dairy promotions and education programs to the local level. Dairy promotion volunteers are the “boots on the ground” in local communities to promote, educate and build trust in dairy and dairy farmers. They are passionate about supporting Wisconsin dairy farmers with consumers to promote dairy’s story of nutrition, community impact and environment care. 

May Power of Promotion Newsletter

  • National Dairy Month Efforts
  • LeRoy Butler and Wisconsin Dairy is Leap Worthy
With education, and unified and aligned messaging we can add value to the customer journey, differentiate Wisconsin cheese and dairy products, and expand the value Wisconsin milk.

February Power of Promotion Newsletter

  • Education and Influence Adds Value
  • Virtual Farm Tour for Kids
  • Leveraging Influencers to Tell Dairy’s Story
  • Dairy Exports Drive Wisconsin Dairy
We are building trust in dairy through connecting Wisconsin residents to dairy farmers and helping them tell their stories. For National Farmers Day, October 12, we are encouraging more media interaction to inform a greater number of consumers to learn about dairy and how it is produced.
September Power of Promotion Newsletter:
  • Alice in Dairyland's Sustainability Efforts
  • Cheese and Dairy Gear


According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe friends and family over all other forms of advertising. Cheeselandia harnesses the enthusiasm of Wisconsin cheese fanatics who evangelize for the Wisconsin dairy industry and drives word-of-mouth for us. It’s authentic, it’s engaging, it’s a community built around passion for our mission and invites like-minded people to get together to celebrate their love of Wisconsin cheese. 

October Power of Promotion Newsletter:
  • OctoberNational Cheese Curd Day Efforts
  • Open Mic with National Checkoff
  • National Farmers Day Stories
  • Alice in Dairyland's Sustainability Efforts
  • Cheese and Dairy Gear
The Master Cheesemaker curriculum has elevated the art of cheesemaking and fortified Wisconsin's outstanding reputation for cheesemaking excellence. Master cheesemakers use milk as a canvas for their artistic cheese creations, opening new markets and opportunities for Wisconsin dairy farmers.

December Power of Promotion Newsletter

  • Master cheesemakers add value to milk
  • Industry events

The consumer purchasing landscape has gone through seismic shifts in the past two years. We’re seeing many of the trends we were talking about prior to COVID-19 re-emerging and providing great opportunities for dairy to shine.

January Power of Promotion Newsletter:

  • U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards
  • Judge Rules "Gruyere" is a Common Food Name
  • Wisconsin made big headlines on National Cheese Lovers Day!
Our Chocolate Milk sponsorship with the WIAA and the state basketball tournaments reinforces the nutritional value of chocolate milk, speak to dairy farming practices and emphasize Wisconsinite's pride in local dairy.

March Power of Promotion Newsletter:
  • Chocolate Milk the official beverage of WIAA
  • WIAA Basketball TV Coverage
  • GoodSport – Dairy’s Beverage Innovation
  • Wisconsin Leopold Conservation Award®
DFW’s efforts help drive distribution and sales growth for Wisconsin-made cheese and dairy with retailers across the country, which in turn drives demand for products made with Wisconsin milk. The Proudly Wisconsin® Cheese and Dairy badges are more visible so consumers can easily recognize these products when making purchase decisions.

April Headlines:
  • Value of DFW and Dairy Companies Partnerships
  • Cheeselandia - Adweek's Influencer Marketing Campaign of the Year
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Wisconsin Cheese

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