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Female Farmers Knocking Down Barriers 

It’s no secret, farming is demanding work. While once considered a “man’s job,” today more women are finding rewarding and reliable careers in dairy farming. Recent reports show an increase in the number of female farmers in Wisconsin. That’s likely due to the rise in advocacy for women in farming as well as the promise for job growth in the farming and agriculture industry. Many women juggle work and being a “Farm Mom,” yet still find time for leadership roles within the industry. We’ve highlighted the stories of three inspiring women who are knocking down barriers in dairy farming and hope you’ll share their stories too.  

Farmer Stories

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Platteville, Wisconsin

Renee Clark: Kieler Farms

Renee co-owns the farm with nine family members and each member takes on a different role. In her role she uses her frontend loader as her office is a front loader where she spends several hours a day mixing feed for their cows. Because a front loader is so massive, driving it historically would have been considered a man’s job. But Renee believes women have been empowered to take on larger roles on the farm and really do it all. Renee is testament to "doing it all” – she not only is an active farmer, but also a marathon runner and a mom of three girls whom she’s teaching that they can be anything they want to be.

Hinchley’s Dairy Farm

Tina and Anna Hinchley

Tina and her husband Duane took over a dairy farm in Cambridge, Wisconsin in 2000. But when their daughter Anna came home from college and became a co-owner, she did not want to milk their 240 cows for 9 hours a day. So together they researched what milking technology was available. Today, their cows are milked robotically, and production has gone way up with some cows producing up to 19 gallons of milk a day. 

Eldorado, Wisconsin

Janet Clark: Vision Aire Farms

Janet is a full-fledged farm kid having grown up on the farm that today she co-owns with her husband, parents and brother and sister-in-law. She was instrumental in bringing new efficiencies to the farm, such as the use of GPS technology on all tractors. This helps make straight rows, which ultimately means fewer trips across the field and less fuel consumption and compaction of the soil. Janet is a member of the board of directors for Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin and Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. She is also a mom of three children.